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  1. The IGC Shell program is free and is for validation of IGC flight data files. The IGC Validation Program checks that the IGC file has originated correctly from a sealed IGC Flight Recorder, and that the flight data in the file is identical to that originally downloaded. If only one character in the flight data has been altered after initial download, the file will fail the IGC Validation check.
  2. Naviter program SeeYou should not be used for Integrity Validation of IGC files as it may report 'Integrity OK' on files that are from Un-Approved Recorders such as SeeYou Mobile, Oudie (not Approved), Hyper and Navigator and there may be others, which do not meet IGC Standards, but are accepted by other NACs with lower standards. For this reason, the DLLs IGC-XCM.DLL, IGC-XNA.DLL, IGC-XRE.DLL, IGC-XCU.DLL, IGC-XCS.DLL or IGC-XGW.DLL or any DLL with a name IGC-X?? must never be used with the IGC Shell Program.
  3. With some types of FRs the IGC Shell program is also used for downloading flight data from the FR. Where the downloaded file is in binary format, the IGC Shell program converts from binary to the ASCII-based IGC file format.
  4. IGC Shell is compatible with MS Windows. More details are in the Technical Specification for IGC Flight Recorders, Appendix C. The IGC shell program was provided by former GFAC member Marc Ramsey. This program together with a demonstration DLL can be downloaded here.

Note: In rare circumstances, you may get an error report "the specified module could not be found". This should be corrected by downloading and installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, either x86 or x64 version, depending on what OS you're running:


IGC Shell Program

This section also provides links to FR manufacturers' Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files that work with the IGC Shell program when the DLL file is placed in the indicated directory (see Set Directories function). Execute the IGC Shell program, select the appropriate FR manufacturer and then the function required (such as Validate, Download etc)..

As well as the DLL files, the earlier generation of DATA, VALI and CONV programs are also provided where the FR manufacturer has not produced a DLL file. These can be downloaded by pressing the buttons below. Buttons marked 'Verify Only' indicate that the DLL can be downloaded, but only support the Verify function.

Note: DATA, VALI and CONV programs, due to their age, are 16-bit programs which will run under 32-bit (X86) Operating Systems, but not under 64-bit (X64) Operating Systems. Solutions to this problem are as follows:

1. Create a Bootable USB Stick, copy the necessary files and use the USB stick to Boot a DOS system (This may require changes to the BIOS). To make a USB stick bootable with a DOS operating system , Follow this Link. Note: Not all PCs can be configured to boot from USB.
2. Install a MS-DOS emulator, such as DOSBOX (Recommended). DOSBOX is available via this link.
A guide to using this method is provided Here.

A link to some advice on downloading Flight Recorders can be found on the Useful Contacts and Links page.

(alphabet order)
Type of Recorder DOS Download Windows DLL
Aircotec XC Profi (Gliders)  
Cambridge CAI 10
Cambridge CAI 20
Cambridge CAI 25
Cambridge CAI 302
Cambridge CAI 302A (without display)
ClearNav Instruments ClearNav-IGC Version 1 Only  
ClearNav Instruments ClearNav-IGC Version 2  
ClearNav Instruments CNv-IGC  
DSX T-Advsor  
DSX Tracer(T-advisor without Traffic Alert function)  
DSX SaFly (with satellite-based tracking system)  
EW MicroRecorder  
Flarm Flarm-IGC/
Garrecht Volkslogger VL1.0
IMI Erixx V1.0
Logstream Sp z o.o. Logstream FR1
Naviter Oudie-IGC  
New Technologies NTE Easy  
New Technologies NTE Easy Matchbox  
Nielsen Kellerman ClearNav-IGC  
LXNAV d.o.o. FlarmMouse (uses Flarm firmware)  
LXNAV d.o.o. PowerMouse - IGC (uses Flarm firmware)  
LXNAV d.o.o. LX9000  
LXNAV d.o.o. Nano, Nano3 & Nano4  
LXNAV d.o.o. LX8000  
LXNAV d.o.o. LX8000F with Flarm
LXNAV d.o.o. 8080F  
LXNAV d.o.o. LX9000  
LXNAV d.o.o. LX9000HAFR  
LXNAV d.o.o. S-10 & S100  
LX Navigation LX20
LX Navigation LX20-2000
LX Navigation LX21
LX Navigation DX50
LX Navigation LX5000IGC
LX Navigation Colibri V1.0
LX Navigation Colibri V4
LX Navigation Colibri 4F with Flarm
LX Navigation Colibri II  
LX Navigation Colibri X  
LX Navigation LX7000
LX Navigation LX7007
LX Navigation LX7007F with Flarm
LX Navigation X7007FC with Flarm  
LX Navigation LX Eos, Eos80, Era 57, Era 80 & LX10000
LX Navigation Mini Box Flarm-IGC  
LX Navigation Red Box Flarm-IGC  
Peschges VP8
PressFinish GCA  
Print Technik GR1000
Print Technik GR1000A (with RSA security)
RC Electronics Fenix and Fenix N  
Scheffel Themi
Streamline Digital Instruments (SDI) PosiGraph V1.0
Streamline Digital Instruments (SDI) PosiGraph V2
Triadis Altair V1.0  
Triadis Altair V3.0  
Zander GP940
Zander/SDI GP941